Monday, November 22, 2010

November Challenge Masters Cards Challenge!!

November's Cards Challenge was posted yesterday!! Please come and join me creating 3 mini cards this month!! Who won't be using these in the next few weeks??? They are great on gifts, to mail out, or to hold gift cards! Click HERE for the Cards Forum or HERE for the Challenge Masters Website! 
My samples!

Thanks for checking them out!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progress Pics...

I never got the first pics of Isabella posted.. so here are a few! She is getting so big!
Almost 2 months...
 Isabella 1 month old!
 Isabella 2 months old!
 Isabella 2 months!
 Isabella one day old!
 08/05/2010 the day before Isabella was born..
 Isabella first night at home and in her crib/bedroom- 08/09/2010
 At home with daddy.. less than a week old..
 about 2 months old...
 about 6 weeks old..

My baby girl is 3 months!!!

Where has the time gone??? My baby girl is 3 months already! I just started work last Monday Nov. 1st, and so far so good. Mom is here to take care of her until Dec. 25th. She will start day care on January 10th...

My 31st Birthday!

On October 30th we celebrated my 31st birthday! This was the first birthday since 1997 that I got to spend with my mom! It was a bonus that my aunt was here too! I was not going to do anything, but DH insisted in throwing me a party.. it was nothing big, just a few family and friends!


This was my baby girl's first Halloween! We even went trick or treating with her!

Misc projects...

I have scrapped some.. but not much, and forget posting the pics...Here are 3 projects!