Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inspiration for Nursery and Fabric Choices

We have finally decided on a color scheme for the nursery! And yes, after all the NO PINK I ended up with pink... The walls will be pink and lime greenish... I want to try harlequins on the wall where the crib is going. The bathroom will be painted green to match the room also. I am having the crib bedding custom made. Mom and my mother-in-law will be helping me with the window treatments and the pillows! Here are some samples of the fabrics I will be using. The bumper will have a clean cord, with ISABELLA embossed, a few colors, the sheets are pink, and the skirt is going to be tailored, with a band and the ball trim!
Here are some pics of the crib beddings previously produced, and also the inspiration room I found on HGTV's website "Rate my Space"
I want a similar type swag behind the crib, but more poofy... underneath it I will have her name in big letters!

Saw this at the fabric store and really liked it.. but I also like a long one.. so we'll see..
Or something like this two toned curtains..
 Something like this, but probably all one height and not with the two colors... depends what will look nice..
Thanks for checking it out!

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  1. El rosa y el verde son una combinaciĆ³n perfecta para una bebita.