Monday, March 7, 2011

Isabella 4, 5, 6, and 7 Month Pics!

I cannot believe my baby girl is already 7 months! In the past month she has started solids, started sleeping better again, had her first ear infection, went to the dr. 3 times, had her 6 month vaccinations, and got her 3rd tooth..
Here are some pics! I took tons, so these are some of my favorites!
4 Months

5 Months

6 Months!

7 Months!


  1. She is getting so big! I LOVE the purple ruffly outfit, it is so cute! Adorable pictures!

  2. oh, Milie...Bella is so beautiful!!! You're doing an awesome job photographing her!! :) My fave pic out of them all is the third one down - 7 months. The lavender outfit and hair piece is adorable - not to mention the baby, of course!! :)

  3. Absolutely ADORABLE photos! She is BEAUTIFUL!