Monday, May 23, 2011

Some more baby food, Whole Foods and couponing!

I was busy again last week with baby food! Isabella eats "table food" also when I cook.. so she has tried different textures, but this is easy for school during the week!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Whole Foods. It's a 10 min drive for me, while Publix is 2 min away, BUT I am so in love with all the organic stuff, it's not even funny! I pay pretty much the same I did at Publix..and get awesome organic and local grown stuff.. yesterday for one I paid less than for a week at Publix and got meats, veggies, fruit, bread for a week!

I have gotten more info couponing.. but still not near the point where I eat for free.. haha.. Here are some helpful sites I am on on Facebook!

Here are some foods.. yesterday I made an easy apple/pear mix for fruit.. and a really good cauliflower/carrot/tomato/basil veggie! I have several other mixes on here.. all recipes (except apple/pear) from Top 100 Purees...

Tomatoes/Basil mix to get mixed with Cauliflower/Carrots...

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