Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love You Layout!

.. that did not make it on the Practical Scrapper's Top 5... so here it is anyways! I did have fun these past few weeks.. and somewhat bummed I did not make it to the last round... I really love this layout.. when I saw those rosette's I immediately thought of making a banner row... so here it is!


  1. This is just so darn pretty!!! I love the rosettes and the flags at the bottom. I loved seeing all your contest layouts, Milie.

  2. How pretty! Love the banner pieces and all the layering!

  3. Oh Milie ... so sad to hear you didn't advance this week. Your page was just AWESOME and I don't understand why it wasn't chosen. You know how I feel about these kinds of competitions. But, hooray for you for giving it your best shot! The result is several awesome layouts you created while playing along with other very talented scrappers. And it was a lot of fun while it lasted!

    Too bad you didn't get to show them your NEXT page. It is another amazing piece of work!