Monday, April 30, 2012

New toddler friendly recipes!

I eyeball the recipe... but you can make as little and as much as you would like. My daughter ate this really well...
1) Farfalle pasta (all organic ingredients) boil in some water with seasoning like an all purpose seasoning and some salt if you'd like
2) I used up frozen Organic Peas and Carrots and Spinach, and added fresh chopped Zucchini, 
3) Once the pasta starts boiling, add the veggies.. stir well.. 
4) Once pasta and veggies done, drain, then mix it with some shredded Rotisserie Chicken (Whole Foods), then Alfredo sauce (from Whole Foods) and keep on low heat for a little bit.. and voila! 
You can add shredded cheese or Parmesan when done.. 

I will add broccoli next time, since Isabella loves Broccoli... You can boil pasta separate if you want to do this for the whole family. I did make a LOT..  but this is an easy way to do it...

I always start by boiling the penne pasta. Since Isabella is almost 21 months, I use bigger pasta's now, if you have a younger child, you can use smaller pasta's like the pasta stars, or ditalini pastas...

I also start by boiling the dry aged grass fed ground beef. I freeze them in small balls, so I can make these small portions... I then add diced sweet potatoes, diced carrots, peas, zuccini and broccoli. Drain, then I mix it in with some organic pasta sauce.. still well, cook for a few minutes on low heat.. then store in small containers...

All my ingredients are from Whole Foods and organic.

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