Monday, September 14, 2009

Sad Day..

I am still in shock to have found out late Saturday night that one of my colleague's passed away. Her name was Debbie. She had a seizure after swimming July 6th and was taken to the hospital. After many tests they found out she had a brain tumor and stage 3b trachiary cancer. She had her brain tumor removed Aug. 19th, but developed several infections, and her body could not handle them. She died at the hospital. Everyone is in shock. She never even got to get chemo. :-( My prayers are with her family. She had no kids, and was in her mid fifties at the most. She had a sister fly in this weekend luckily and her other half Bob and her kitty.
This is the second colleague I loose since July! We lost another after a 3 year battle with prostate cancer. Very sad day at work today! You will be missed Debbie! 

I wanted to share an e-mail she sent out to us Aug. 18th...

This is to the best co-workers anywhere!

You guys are the best! I truly appreciate all your love, support and prayers.
As I go in for this surgery tomorrow that will fundamentally change who I am in some form or fashion, I felt compelled to touch base with y'all.
I am truly blessed and if I convey nothing else, I want my message to be don't let the sun go down on anger or hurt feelings with people you love. Make sure they know everyday how much you love and cherish them. Because life can change in an instant. You never know what His plan is for you or how what you may be experiencing is really not your lesson but someone else's.
Carpe Diem! Sieze the day. Make the most of each day and take nothing for granted. It's all a great gift.
I know he is not finished with me yet.
Thank you all for being there for me.
This is one of the cards I sent to her on 09/04/09


  1. **HUGS** So sorry to hear about your loss1 Gorgeous card!

  2. Thanks Kayla! It's very sad here in the office...