Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Monday!

This is a busy week for me! I probably won't get any scrapping done until Sunday! I am taking a licensing exam this weekend... so I will have to step up my game and study hard.. still have lots to do!
Have a great week!!! I have attached some pictures of my weekend!

Here is my motivation! Still in its box as promised!

 Kitties checking out the plants I brought in due to 37F weather this weekend!

My study area... One more week!

My Study Buddy Smokey!! He would actually sleep on my

Wedding this weekend...


  1. Good luck with your exam ! and thanks sooo much for stopping by my blog the other day :-)

  2. not touch the cricut, do not touch the cricut, do not....LOL! Do a good job studying this week!! :)

  3. great pics! good luck your exam! I had a grey kitty named smokey when I was growing up! he lived 20 yrs!

  4. Thanks! :-)

    I am NOT touching the Cricut!! LOL! I did open it made sure I got everything... hehe..

    My Smokey is 2 years old.. :-) We got Smokey, Bandit and Tiggy...

  5. good luck with your exam!! You'll do great!