Saturday, October 3, 2009

World Cardmaking Day- October 3, 2009!

I am so excited for this day! I love making cards, even though it's only been since mid August that I've been making them! :-) 
Here are some cards I made for Citrus Studio's Challenges! I hope to work on some more I made 6 out of 10 challenges, but not sure I will have time to do more. I discovered the art of inking.. LOVE IT! It's so easy, I wonder what kept me from using that technique for so long!
Have a great weekend!

Challenge 3- Paper Tearing, Inking, Stamping, Brads and Ribbon

Challenge 4- Using a PHOTO!
Challenge 5- Using RED WHITE and BLUE

Challenge 7- Holiday Card
Challenge 9- Bookmark Duo

Challenge 10- Sketch


  1. Your cards are amazing! I especiall love the bookmarks and the holiday card! Great job! :-)

  2. I can't believe you just started making cards in August! They are all fabulous!