Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Cricut!

I am finally done with my exam.. I can relax a little.. but this week is still a bit hectic, I have 5 days to plan my birthday party! My party is on we have tons to do... so probably won't get much scrapping done this week either.. The Cricut was easy to use, but I had trouble when it had to cut out a phrase some of it actually got caught and I need to figure that out....and actually probably read the manual!! LOL!

Here are some pics of my new Cricut!!

My cartridges.. I got 10...


  1. Wow, 10! Holy cow! Have fun with it! :-)

  2. Since when do you know me to buy in moderation??? LOL! I actually got them all on E-Bay cheap except for the 2 that came with it....