Friday, October 2, 2009

Invitations are DONE and going Postal!

I have been working on 20 invitations for my 30th Birthday Party for about 2 weeks now. I finally finished them today and they are heading to the post office in a little! I had the hardest time finding the MUMMIES! I had to look at different stores, and call around and had then HOLD them for me! It was a mess! But I lucked out and one store had 7 and one 13! It was my lucky day! THEN, I run out of RIBBON! So 4 cards are actually made of a transparent version of the black and white dots since they were out of them also.... but that's the best I could do! I'll have to find some more, because I had fun using the black with white dotted ribbon!

Here you go! I used Bazzill CS, Wooden Mummies, Basic Basic and Celebrate It Ribbon, Cuttlebug Olivia Alpha for the 30, Cuttlebug Swirls, and You're Invited Embossing folders, Pin, and Black and Beige Stickles!


  1. Those are stinkin' CUTE! You did a fantastic job! Who could NOT come to your party after getting an invite like that! :-)

  2. Thanks ladies! I had fun with them! Except for hunting down of the mummies! LOL!