Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This week!

Good morning! Thanks for stopping by! It's a very exciting week!! Guess what I am getting for my BIRTHDAY?? Yes! A Cricut! I will be getting it next week, but won't open it until after my exam which is Oct. 24th ( I know I should wait for my birthday also, but I won't!) Thanks Mom and Dad!!! I also went on e-bay and got some good prices on new cartridges, so I am all set! I know it will take a while to learn everything it seems a little complicated! 
I will be working on some challenges this week. Caardvark's has a ribbon challenge. I am taking my time trying to come up with something rather than plop up something like I have been from lack of time. Citrus Tree Studio is also revealing their monthly challenges this Saturday, and Scrap for a Cure already revealed their Monday Challenge that I will be working on this weekend while taking a study break. Cuttlebug Blogspot is also revealing their grand prize winner this week and should be posting a new challenge as well!

Have a great week! 


  1. great gift!! Happy early b-day :)

  2. This is great ! Can´t wait to see what you´ll create with it.

  3. Thank you! Gracias! ;-) I am VERY excited... Hope it's all I thought it would be...